10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Over the years during residential junk cleanups, our junk removal crew has come across countless kitchens that needed to not only junk removal but kitchen cleaning as well. The kitchen is one of the easiest rooms to get dirty and form junk piles in. This is because of the heavy foot traffic, the kitchen table being the dumping ground of items after a long day at work and leaving dishes in the sink “for later.” As we have removed junk and cleaned kitchens over the years we have put together 10 tips to help keep your kitchen clean and clutter free!

10 Kitchen Cleaning & Decluttering Tips

Clear The Decks

Go through the items in the kitchen and separate them if they should be or should not be in the kitchen and place the items in their proper homes within the kitchen. Once you are done be sure to take the pile of non-kitchen items and put them in a basket to be put away in their respective rooms once you completed kitchen cleaning.

Start At This Sink

When it comes to the kitchen sink, it is a magnet for overflowing dirty dishes. When cleaning the kitchen you will want to start here by putting all of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher if you know they are dishwasher safe. For non-dishwasher safe items such as pots, pans, dish drainers, etc. you will need to hand wash these. Get out your Dawn soap and run that hot water for effective cleaning!

Spray Countertops & Stovetop

For surfaces such as countertops and stovetops, the use of an all-purpose cleaner will do the trick. This cleaner will allow you to clean both surfaces with ease and have them looking like new instead of dirty and crusty. If there is old food, spills, or stains on these surfaces, spray your cleaner and let it soak in the affected area to really pick up all parts of the dirty area.

Empty the Refrigerator

Every once in a while it is good to do a full fridge clear and cleanout. Tossing any items in the back that may have expired and throw dirty food containers in the sink to clean for later. After all the items are removed, from top to bottom, wipe down the shelves and walls with a cleaning spray and rag. Fill the fridge up with items you did not throw out and your fridge will look brand new!

Start At The Top

When cleaning, it is always smart to start from the top as you can knock down dirt and debris to the floor. Then finish off your cleaning with the floor and all of the debris that fell from higher areas. This also goes for the kitchen. Use a long-handled duster and work your way around the entire perimeter of the room. Cleaning counters, light fixtures, tops of cabinets, and lastly the top of the fridge.

Wipe Down Cabinets & Clean Microwave

For the microwave either take a wet sponge or bowl of vinegar, place either item into the machine and set the cook setting for two minutes or more depending on your preference. While this is happening, you can take a rag and cleaner and wipe down the doors and pulls off upper cabinets. In addition, look for any other spots on the walls and other cabinets you may have missed. If you use a sponge, take it out of the microwave, after it cools, and wipe down the machine inside and out.

Clean Vertical Surfaces

Once the tops are cleaned you are going to want to wipe down and clean the doors and vertical surfaces of cabinets, refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. When cleaning, make sure to wipe down the handles as this area is overlooked frequently.

Clean Sink

Once you have cleaned all of the hand washable items in your sink, the job does not stop there. You need to actually clean the sink if you are looking to hit every spot in the kitchen. Drain the sink and rinse with hot water and using a mild abrasive, clean the basin. Rinse with hot water for a final washdown and wipe the faucet and handles with a microfiber cloth to prevent streaking.

Empty & Clean The Trash

While most people find it common sense to empty their kitchen trash bins, many forget to actually clean them. While you might think of it as a redundant task as it is the trash bin, after all,  cleaning the bin itself will prevent any mold or smells from filling up the room. Remove the bag, get a wet rag and wipe down the bin inside and out and replace the bag with a fresh start.

Sweep & Mop The Floor

As mentioned earlier, the floor should be the last place you clean in your kitchen. With a broom and dustpan, sweep up all debris and dirt into a pile and clear it with your dustpan into the trash. For the best cleaning, pull out your appliances to get in areas where you wouldn’t normally think to clean. This extra step will prevent any mold or smells from forming in areas where you cannot reach. Once the floor is rid of debris, follow up with a mop or steam cleaner. Start from the farthest corner in the kitchen and work towards the entrance. That way there are not footprints on your clean floor. If using a mop, empty your bucket outside, not in your clean sink, and the job is done!