5 Quick Ways To Organize Your Junk Drawer

Junk drawers are something that at least everyone has had in their life at one point in time. They are a bittersweet space for people to throw away items they don’t know where to place at that point and time. As you continue to add to the drawer, however, eventually space will fill up and then things can get messy. If you do not regularly organize or clean your junk drawer, you could have overflow and have junk filling up rooms in your home. To prevent this and keep your junk in just the drawer, we recommend organizing your draw. Take these 5 steps on how to successfully clean your junk drawer.

Dump The Drawer On Places of Daily Activity

Like with any project in life, the first step is to actually get started and not get sidetracked. When it comes to your junk drawer, it is a drawer for a reason. You can put the junk in the drawer close it and forget about it. However, if you want a functional drawer it is good to clean it out once in a while. To effectively do this, empty out the drawer on a service or area that you frequent on a daily basis. Actually seeing the junk in the way will generate more drive to clean it up.

Categorize Items By Room

Just like you would do with decluttering your home or cleaning a room in general, creating piles to categorize junk is the best solution. Items that end up in the junk room usually have a designated room it belongs to nine times out of ten. Once you dump your drawer you can gather items that go in one room together and pick out what is really junk and what is not. If you are unsure of the rooms you can categorize as “items to keep  and will be used,” “items to throw away,” and “items to donate.”

Throw Away Actual Junk

After you categorize everything you should have a pile of either “actual junk” or “items to throw away.” With these piles, you should throw away the items as quick as possible. They have no functional value to you and will not be used anytime soon. These items are actually just dust collectors if not tossed or donated. Before you start to second guess an item or put any emotional value on it, if your first instinct was to put it in the toss pile, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. This is the same with items to be donated if you have a pile like this make sure it leaves your home quickly before you start to second guess yourself.

Deliver Items to Their Designated Areas

Categorizing the items is the first step, you will need to actually put them in the rooms they belong to. The big mistake a lot of people do is putting the items in the room and just leaving it. What that really does is move the junk from one room to the next. Go the extra mile and put each room designated item to their respective areas. This will keep the new room clean and have the items be in the right place for later use.

Organize Within The Junk Drawer

Organizing the remnants in your junk drawer is just the first step, the next step is to organize the drawer itself. After you separate all the items, put them in their rightful areas, there will be items that will remain in your drawer. To prevent overflow and losing items, you should organize inside the junk drawer. Use dividers or buy organizers to help you organize the junk inside the drawer so everything is of easy access.

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