Metro-West Boston: 508-633-8879 OR Palm Beach County, FL: 561-398-0442

About Us

Junk Removal Inc is a full service junk removal and moving company. We are family owned and operated which allows us to provide the best service possible to our customers. We have been proudly serving Metrowest, Massachusetts and the surrounding area since 2010. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry, our service, and our commitment to our customers who mean the world to us. We expanded our family business into Palm Beach County, FL with our newest branch located in Boynton Beach. We operate with the same goals of maintaining superior customer service and providing affordable, same day junk removal services. We take pride in making sure that all disposable and donatable items are removed in a professional and timely manner! We are a local company that offers one of a kind, affordable junk hauling and moving services to resident and businesses in the area.

About Our Moving Company

Lifetime Moving Co, our fully licensed and insured sister company, allows us to couple both junk removal and moving services. Therefore we are able to stay on top of the entire project right down to a broom swept empty house. In short, we are a complete labor force doing anything and everything that needs to get done. We are there for you from instructing you on how to prepare for your move, to emailing you a detailed itemized receipt upon completion. Our expert movers and packers will help guide you through the process to make is as easy and stress free as possible.

Our Owner’s Story

How does a guy from Newton get into the junk removal business?

By accident! Here’s the story: My family and I have owned and operated Sudbury Rug for over 30 years in Sudbury, MA. We specialize in Oriental and area rugs, wall to wall carpets, and rug cleaning. During the spring of 2010’s flooding, we started getting phone calls from frantic people wanting us to remove tons and tons of wet carpet. Along with the carpets were couches, chairs, desks, lamps, TVs, computers and so much more! All ruined and needing to be removed immediately. We already had trucks, vans and guys from the rug store, so we decided to open an account at our lock junk yard to help.  After a month of being up to our ankles in water and daily trips to the junk yard… Junk Removal Inc was born!

Metro West Boston, MA: Palm Beach County, FL