The Junky Industry | An inside look at a Junk Removal Company

Written by Joseph Salvin | Director of Operations Lifetime Moving and Junk Removal Inc

an inside look at a junk removal company

an inside look at a junk removal company

After spending months in and out of people’s homes, I can say with confidence that most of us don’t have a junk problem. People identify with their belongings and place emotional stock within them. This has always been true, and there have always been hoarders, but they’re not as common as you might expect. People think in terms of utility. For example: an old broom stick that might easily screw into another broom head. It is possible that one day you may need this useless piece of wood, but it is entirely unlikely, and it’s less stressful to toss the stupid object instead of putting it among your other things having to look at it every day. Most people do throw it away. This is the difference between a regular person and a person with a hoarding issue.

I don’t pretend to know the emotional psychology behind hoarding, however I do see that these people keep everything because they think they might need it one day. This is crippling. It turns lives into projects of belongings management and consumes you. Belongings are things that must be managed and put into order consistently. If you keep everything, this becomes a full-time job, and eventually unmanageable without a 24/7 staff on call.

The Junk business is a rising industry, eager for innovation and development. It isn’t only hoarders who need junk removed, we live in a consumer society, and everything is disposable. Furniture is free, transfer stations (dumps) are busier than ever, the baby boomers are downsizing, everyone has too much stuff. A desk that someone bought for $5,000 10 years ago, in impeccable condition, is tossed out the window and broken into a million little pieces because no one will come and take it for free. There is just too much crap! Let us remove your junk now so you don’t have a huge pile in the way later!