10 Creative Ways To Declutter Your Home and Remove Junk

10 Creative Ways To Declutter Your Home and Remove Junk

When it comes to your living space whether you have a home, apartment or just a room in a building you always want to have a nice clean looking space. However, overtime items we purchase or have will build up overtime and could result in a cluttered room. Having too much clutter in your space can be a turn off to guests as well as being a health concern. While removing junk can get overwhelming where you will need to call a professional junk removal service, there are some ways to remove items on your own to declutter and organize. With the task itself can be arduous and time consuming, it is necessary and you can make it fun. Below are 10 fun and creative ways to start getting rid of unnecessary items from your home.

10 Creative Ways To Declutter Your Home and Remove Junk

  1. Break It Up – You do not need to get rid of everything at one instant, there may be a lot so break up the workload. We recommend breaking up removal into five minute tasks that center around one area such as cleaning the kitchen counter, cleaning a book shelf, etc. This way, you won’t get overwhelmed as you won’t be trying to clean everything in your home.
  2. Give Away An Item – Just like with the first step, you do not need to give away everything at once. You may remove an item you may actually need later on. Instead, go through your belongings and take one item each day to be removed. Overtime your clutter pile will decrease.
  3. Fill One Trash Bag – The pattern with these first few tips is to take your time and split up your work. Start digging into your clutter by grabbing one trash bag and filling it up as much as you can. Do this on a basis that seems fit for you and you will notice that your clutter will be gone in no time! You can also fill up a trash bag to donate to charity.
  4. Closet Hanger Experiment – This method was popularized by the one and only Oprah, where you can figure out which clothing items you will no longer need. To do this, hang all of your articles of clothing on hangers facing the reverse (back) direction. After you wear each item, return it to the closet but hang it facing frontwards. After a couple of months, you can see what items you no longer need and you can remove.
  5. Make a List – Make a list of all the areas in your home that need to be removed of clutter and junk. It could be basements, offices, attics, etc. Once you have your list, pick a room and clean it out. After that, stop and wait a couple of days or whenever you have free time to clean the other rooms on the list. Having a list will give you something to do that will fit with your schedule while giving you the satisfaction of checking off each listed item.
  6. 12-12-12 Challenge – This is something that you can get your whole family involved in that can act as both a fun game and a great way to get rid of 36 items you don’t need. Pick 12 items that need to be thrown away, 12 items that can be donated and 12 items that can be returned to their proper home. Just like with life, you should have fun with the work you do!
  7. Change Your Perspective – Get a different perspective from someone else to catch items you may have missed. You can only see the items you can clearly locate and remove but you could miss some. If you cannot get an outside perspective, try taking a photo of the room so you can compare after you start removing things. That way you can reference the photo to see if you missed anything.
  8. Experiment With Numbers – Think of the clutter you have and come up with a number. With that number see how many items in your clutter pile that you will actually use. Some do this with clothing to see what clothes they not longer need and it can be applied to junk as well.
  9. Use Your Imagination – If you have clutter that is hard to remove try getting creative and ask yourself questions about the items. Such as “If I was buying this now, how much would I pay?” or “How often is this item used?” After you truthfully answer the question, you can gauge which items you should keep and which items to remove.
  10. The Four Box Method – Whether you use boxes or piles, this is one of the most commonly used methods when cleaning out unwanted materials from your home. Set up piles or get boxes and label them as trash, give away, keep or relocate. That way, as you go through your room or home you can put the items in their appropriate location. Instead of having to remove multiple items at different times, you can get rid of one big box of junk to be removed or donated at one time.

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