It’s OK To Get Rid Of Junk

There is something fascinating we have come across during years of removing junk and doing moves, and it’s the tendency that people have to overvalue things that they own. In psychology this is called the endowment effect.  For example: If there’s a chair on the side of the road with a “free” sign, most people won’t stop and take it home with them. The endowment effect says that if that same chair were already in those people’s homes, they wouldn’t throw the chair away because they would see added value in it.

In one incident or another, people find themselves keeping items when they should probably get rid of junk!  They tend to find a reason to not dispose of these belongings. This happens a lot at home when people see things on a shelf that hasn’t been touched for years but won’t throw away.

When it comes to de-cluttering and organizing your home, in order to use your time in the most productive way, it’s important to remember that the things to keep are those which add real value to your lives. We meet people who might dig up forgotten items and rationalize to themselves that, for example, “they may need it someday for some unborn person who might one day go to college.” Then they leave it in their garage or closet and move on. Eventually those things which hold potential value but not functional value start to weigh down their lives.

Getting rid of that stuff is incredibly therapeutic. We are not advocating that we all become minimalists, but it’s important to keep our lives uncluttered by letting go of practically useless stuff. Your extra stuff can tend to hold your stress, an unconscious weight, and become a mental burden. By letting go of that junk your letting go of that stress and making your world lighter. Every day we are told by customers how relieved they are to finally be getting rid of all their junk. Many times during jobs we point out things which the customers hadn’t even thought of getting rid of, and that alone makes them realize it’s a good idea to get rid of it. Their relief in freeing up some space is palpable.

If you are ready to let go of invaluable items in your home or business contact Junk Removal Inc. today!

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