Lifetime Moving Tips

Quick Tips for Moving

Pack your belongings in well-labeled boxes — this way when you get to your destination, you know what room to bring each box.

One-room per box — this saves you time and effort when in your new home.

Books and heavy items — mark those boxes too! So our crew knows to put these on the bottom of the pile. We never want to damage any of your items in a move.

Fragile items, make sure to wrap them and mark the box fragile — these get handled with care by our crew.

Not sure how to wrap an heirloom? Nervous about that expensive lamp? Let us handle the packing and we’ll insure that your items are safe and secure during moving.

Can you move just a couch?

Yes, We Can Move Just a Couch!

Need help moving furniture from one location to another? You’re not alone.

This is one of the more common types of jobs that we do. A customer will call and ask to move a heavy couch and other household items — sometimes to a new address, or into storage, or just a new look and to put the old into your great-room — whatever the need, we are at your service!

Give us a call to find out how we can help you rearrange your home or bring in your new furniture and take your old to a donation house.

When to start packing for a move?

Whether moving across town or to a new town or a new state, you need to think about when you need to start packing! As soon as you know that you are moving, start calling moving companies to get estimates, of course, you’ll choose us — but seriously this needs a minimum of one-month or even more if you are in a college town and moving during May or September.

Once you have your mover, start packing items that are not used in your daily life and maybe, just maybe, this would be the time to go through your “stuff” and donate your unused items; by the way, we can help with that too! We have a sister-business, Junk Removal, so let that unwanted stuff pile up and we can cart that away too.

Don’t forget to mark those boxes — what’s in them + what room — this makes it much easier in your new home.

A week before, let us know if you need our Junk Removal services; finish packing, confirm your date & time of moving.

Want a check-list? Download our Moving Tips here.