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We love all junk removals, however there’s a special place in our heart for shed demolition removal jobs. There are few things more satisfying than dismantling and hauling a big structure. We specialize in shed removal, hot tub removal, playground removal, and so on.

And here’s the kicker, we usually only charge for the volume of the object, like a regular junk removal. That means we’re doing the demo for free. We are the only company who does this to our knowledge.

For fun, lets walk through a simple shed removal.

So for an average Shed, here is a brief step by step.

Shed Demolition Steps

STEP 1: make sure the shed is completely empty. This is for obvious reasons, however if you are lazy, and forget this step, then your life will be much more difficult in the future. This should be a lesson for us all: in life, when approaching your metaphorical shed removal, always do the necessary prep work, that way life’s challenges will be tackled and completed the right way. Cutting corners is a fools game.

STEP 2: take off all side wall panels on both sides of the shed. This way the shed becomes easily foldable. (see picture to understand what we are talking about) You want to eliminate anything that is giving the shed support for its structural integrity. Tentatively, you want the shed to become flimsy, so it can be pushed over with much ease. Which brings us to step 3:

STEP 3: This is the fun part, gather all your friends, neighbors and loves ones. Grandma, Grandpa and the kids because we are about to push the shed over so it topples like a pancake. Clear the way and sit back while our junk removal professionals push the shed so it falls right over.

STEP 4: Once the shed has fallen, start demolishing the roof and the other parts of the shed with a sledgehammer so they become easily movable pieces of lumber and roofing to be hauled into the truck. Smile and pay us because your shed is no longer an eye sore. Junk Removal Inc to the rescue once more, saving the day, removing your sheds and leaving everyone happy by picking up your problems.

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