Meet the Team

Junk Hauling Service

Ken Salvin | Founder

How does a guy from Newton get into the junk removal business? By accident! Here’s the story: My family and I have owned and operated Sudbury Rug for over 30 years in Sudbury, MA. We specialize in Oriental and area rugs, wall to wall carpets, and rug cleaning. During the spring of 2010’s flooding, we started getting phone calls from frantic customers wanting us to remove tons and tons of wet carpet. Along with the carpets were couches, chairs, desks, lamps, TVs, Computers and so much more! All ruined and needs to be removed immediately. We already had trucks, vans, and guys from the rug store, so we decided to open an account at our local transfer station to help. After a month of being up to our ankles in water and daily trips to the landfill… Junk Removal Inc was born.

Junk Hauling Service

Rebecca Salvin | President, Florida Division

I grew up watching my father successfully operate his junk removal and moving company. From a young age, I worked on the trucks with the guys determined to keep up with them. I enjoyed the physical labor, that every job was different, and that I got to constantly meet new customers. After I graduated from UMASS Amherst in 2011, I was ready to take on more responsibilities of the business. I wanted to expand our company into a different service area, as MetroWest Boston was already occupied by my dad and younger brother. I loved Florida and had been traveling to visit the family from a young age. I wanted to take on the responsibility of opening a brand new branch in Palm Beach County and offer the residents our amazing prices and level of service. In January of 2017, we were finally prepared to open the doors, and it has been a success story ever since! I love being part of our family business, and I will continue to work hard every day to expand and improve our brand!

Junk Hauling Service

Joey Salvin | Director of Operations, MetroWest Boston

I grew up as the youngest in the family and was inspired by my parents and siblings entrepreneurial spirits. I knew I wanted to help my father grow the business, but I first wanted some outside training. I graduated from Yeshiva University as a Finance major in 2015 and was ready to get to work. Since then I have worked hard in the field with the team operating the trucks, and have learned the necessary skills needed to grow into upper management. I love working side by side with my family, and the ability to constantly communicate to improve the brand as a whole. I’m excited for what the future will bring.

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