Mover Memories: Emotional Moves are Inevitable

“I recall once we were doing moving work for a wonderful woman. Her husband had just passed away and she was moving to another state. She had been in her home for over 50 years. All the guys in our moving crew felt the intensity and emotion in moving furniture which had seen all those memories. My father, the boss, left the office to be on site all day because he didn’t want her to feel alone, he knew this specific job was distinct. Towards the end of the day she was crying, and I remember getting choked up.  After a long day of work, she was finally staring into the empty house where her and her husband had lived, and raised their children. Now it was broom clean, about to go on the market, and the truck was full of her furniture. Sure enough, the next day my father took to the road with the moving crew and worked from the truck so that he could be there with her. After unpacking, the journey ended with chatter, jokes, and laughs because she was ready to begin anew. She had made a friend, and so did we.” – Joseph Salvin