We know moving is big. Junk Removal Inc. takes pride in helping those in need of moving services.  Our licensed and insured sister company Lifetime Moving Co., is a  highly experienced team of movers eager to make your move stress free and easy. We do it all to help customers with their move to their destination.

We’re more than just a moving company, we are a labor force. We take pride in making sure that your moving process is everything you need it to be. Whether it’s long distance or local, we have your back!  Just a few of the things we can do:

  • Moving furniture around your house.
  • Delivering furniture that you purchased on Craig’s List to your home.
  • Delivering furniture to your child who is off to college.
  • Taking furniture away while floors are done over and put back after the project is finished.
  • Move old belongings from those who have passed on.
  • Move belongings out of state or locally.



Sorting & Deciding

We know sorting can be difficult and this is where we come in. We’ll organize your possessions and assist in determining how each should be handled during the move.

Delivering To Relatives

Giving belongings to children, grandchildren or other family members? No problem! We’ll keep track of all the assignments and make sure the valued items reach their new homes safe and sound.


Lifetime Moving Co. knows that packing can be strenuous during a move. Our crew will help pack your belonging, load them into our moving trucks and make sure they arrive at your destination safely.

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Charitable Donations

With our connections to donation outlets such as Savors, Salvation Army, etc. we will drop any donated items at the desired location. Our movers will then deliver the receipts to our customers, so they have a record for their tax returns.

Assisted Living Moving

Lifetime Moving CO. assists with moving to assisted living facilities. Our polite and caring staff do their best to make the entire event as easy as possible for our customers. From helping to organize and categorize all their items, to carefully installing them in their new home.


Once everything else has been done, we’ll clean all areas of the house or apartment that is being vacated,  to remove any added stress a move might entail. Doing this ensures our customers that they can trust us to take care of every step of the moving process.