Old Appliance Pick Up – Fast and Easy!

Need Old Appliance Pick Up?

Are you like so many people and are putting off arranging old appliance pick up services because you just aren’t sure who to call?  Old appliances can sit in your basement for years with no value at all. The whole hassle of appliance removal can be daunting. These old things are unpleasant to look at, they break often, they might smell a little funky, and can be tremendously heavy and the cost? Ugh – who wants to deal with it?

But when you work with us at Junk Removal Inc, getting old appliance pick up chores arranged and done is a breeze. Here’s how it works:

1. You call us and we come give you a quote. Our quotes for old appliance pick up costs include a $25 surcharge that is mandated for us to dispose of the item at the transfer station where all disposed refuse is sorted and sent to its final destination. To give you a baseline of cost for old appliance pick up with us, a simple removal of a tall refrigerator, washer AND dryer would be about $275.00 including those surcharges.

2. Once everything is confirmed, a team of handsome Junk Removal Inc. employees arrive on time (one of our points of pride!) and with all the necessary tools to detach and remove the items. They work quickly and efficiently and are out of your hair before you even realize they are working, but only after sweep cleaning the area!

That’s it!  Call us, get a quote, make the appointment and those old clunkers are GONE. And unlike those folks on TV, you don’t even have to have things in a tidy pile to get the most out of OUR old appliance pick up services!

Old Appliance Pick Up Up