How To Pack For A Move

Just like with moving locally, packing for interstate or long distance moves is an important but time consuming part of the overall moving process. Along with all the Do’s that go with packing, there are Don’ts to try to avoid when packing whether it be locally or interstate. Junk Removal Inc’s moving division, Lifetime Moving Co., offers full professional packing services for any and all types of moves. If you would rather pack your own belongings, here are some tips of what not to do when packing to ensure no damage and save time. Make sure you qualify your movers to ensure no future issues.

How To Pack For A Move

  • When it comes to packing artwork or mirrors for longer moves, its is always important to over protect than to under protect, so you should consider double wrapping. These items are fragile and wrapping delicate items in bubble wrap won’t make the cut. Instead, wrap your artwork or mirrors in the bubble wrap then pack them in mirror or artwork boxes for optimal protection. These boxes are made to keep mirrors and artwork safe and prevent any moving during transport. During moves, especially longer ones, items tend to move around or bang into each other. Having delicate items packaged properly will ensure a safe journey for your delicate belongings.
  • If you have vases or plant pots, you want to make sure that you pack these in boxes as well. Leaving these items out freely in a moving truck will run the risk of damage. In addition, they could harm other items in the moving truck or get other belongings dirty everywhere from any left over soil in your pots.
  • Don’t transport your items in trash bags, they are a lazy way out to packing items for a move. It may seem like a packing cheat but the bags will rip during transport. The edges of different items in combination of being moved around during transport will cause the bags to rip. Which in turn will damage any item inside the bag. With trash bags, you cannot really stack or organize them inside a moving truck as they can take a certain form, depending on the items inside, and make it harder to utilize all the space in the truck. Make sure you purchase the proper moving boxes for your items to make the moving process easy and organized as possible.
  • Lamps and lampshades must be disassembled before being put into moving boxes. The shape of the items together make it impossible to pack for protection, which will run the risk of damage. Make sure to get a lamp moving box as this is the best option to ensure that your lamp or lampshade does not get damaged during a move.

If you have any more questions about packing or would like a free quote on our moving or junk removal services, please contact us today!


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