Packing Tips for Moving

Moving can be a strenuous process, but here at Junk Removal Inc we want you to feel at ease throughout the whole process. Our moving company, Lifetime Moving Co. is the best in the moving business. Not only will we get rid of unwanted materials from your home, we will help assist you in your move. We can bring the items you will be taking with you to your new location. An important step to make sure a move goes according to plan, you have to make sure packing is as organized as possible. Here are some packing tips to make the moving quick and easy for you and the moving company.

  • Label all boxes by room for optimal organization and place items accordingly.
  • Pack items you will not need ahead of time and label accordingly.
  • Make sure you wrap fragile items and fill a fragile labeled box with padding.
  • Make sure to pack important documents and sentimental items separately so you have easy access to them.
  • Heavier items in smaller boxes, lighter items in bigger boxes.
  • Stack dishes, vinyl records and china (bubble wrapped) vertically.
  • Tape boxes, don’t interlock – Make sure to double tape boxes with heavier items and make sure you use packing tape and not duct tape.

If you follow these tips, packing will come easy and it will really help with the move. Being organized is always a benefit, for you and the moving company, when it comes to moving. The movers at Lifetime Moving Co. can take care of the packing process if you are unsure of what proper methods to take.  
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