One of the hardest parts of any move is the packing process. Luckily we’re experts. At an hourly rate we can help you pack, box, and wrap anything necessary to ensure an easy move. Our guys are lovable, reliable, and trustworthy. Our presence in the packing process will also offer insights in the details of your move prep, making your life that much easier.

If you want, we can pack too! If you decide to have us pack, you will be happy to know that your items will be:

  • Packed safely in our moving boxes.
  • Concealed properly so nothing falls out.
  • Marked so they will end up in the right move.

Be Prepared Before You Start Moving

Preparation is a very important factor when it comes to moving. You want to make sure you have all of your belongings organized and packed in labeled boxes. A secure packing step is a step closer to a smooth move as you will not be wondering where certain belongings are. In addition you will not be driving yourself wondering where a certain box is. Lifetime Moving Co. offers different packing supplies at reasonable prices for all moving customers. We understand moving is stressful and we want to make it as easy as possible.

Have The Right Amount of Boxes

One of the worst feelings is having to carry around extra boxes because you purchased too many for our move. Even worse, not having enough boxes to pack all of your belongings for your move. To avoid this all together, determine the amount of boxes you need for your move with our easy to use calculating system!


Box Calculator

Home Square Footage represented by bold numbers.
Type Of Box<500500-991,000-1,4991,500-1,9992,000+
Large Boxes3-125-1510-2015-2520-30
Medium Boxes8-1510-2015-2520-3025-35
Small Boxes12-1815-2520-3030-4040-50
Bundle Of Paper11122
Dish Barrel2-53-64-65-76-9
Wardrobe Box3-53-65-76-108-12