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Need help moving furniture? You’re not alone.  This is one of the more common types of jobs that we do. A customer will call and ask to borrow our furniture movers for however long they are needed. This is the best way to move heavy or delicate furniture that needs to be moved or rearranged in your house. Our team will assist in rearranging furniture, in house moving, hourly labor and more! We charge hourly, per mover, so you are only paying for the time you use. Here are a few reason you may use our hourly movers.

Labor Services include:

  • Neatly stacking furniture in the basement/attic or another area of the house for any reason (floors redone, redecorating, home addition and so on).
  • Unpacking/packing a pod. If you’re renting a pod to move furniture across the country, you want it packed correctly by our expert packers to ensure your belongings are kept safe and secure.
  • Rearranging layout. If you’re redecorating, there is no reason to be the artist while also schlepping all your heavy furniture. You be the architect and let us handle the heavy lifting.
  • Unpacking/packing a truck coming from or going to another state. Use our supplies free of charge!
  • Delivering or picking up furniture, appliances or any household items for you.
  • Packing Services
  • Unpacking Services

The list is endless, but you can be sure you will be taken care of. Our team is meticulous, patient, efficient, and we charge by the hour so there is absolutely no pressure to rush. Use our professional team of furniture movers for any and all needs you may have for unbeatable rates!

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