Residential Junk Removal

Junk Removal Inc provides the best Residential Junk Removal Services around! We are a family owned and operated junk removal company servicing Palm Beach County and MetroWest Boston. From appliance removal to construction debris removal, we take care of all your residential junk removal needs.

At Junk Removal Inc, we only use the most skilled junk removal experts. Our Junk Removal Professionals safely and efficiently rid your home of all unwanted junk. If you need reliable Residential Junk Removal, we got you covered.

Residential Junk Removal Services

Junk Removal ServicesLooking for a full range of residential junk removal and hauling services? At Junk Removal Inc, when we say Full-Service, we mean it. All you have to do is tell us what you want to be removed and it is done. No residential junk removal project is too heavy or too large for us to handle. Our Residential Junk Removal Services include:

Appliance Removal

Our junk removers will pick up your unwanted junk from your home including:

When you need any appliance removed from your home, trust the professional junk removal experts at Junk Removal Inc.

Attic To Basement Cleanouts

Does your Attic, Basement, or Cellar keep filling up with unwanted junk? Our Residential Junk Removal is the perfect solution. We sort through any junk to rediscover any sentimental items. That way you keep what’s valuable, and we toss the unwanted junk away for good.

Construction Debris Removal

Have a recent overflow of trash debris due to construction? Junk Removal Inc is there to clear it. We rid your home of construction debris. Providing you with the most convenient solution to your Construction Debris. We gladly load and haul away all construction debris safely and efficiently. We even take care of all the heavyweight items.

Donation Pick-Up

At Junk Removal Inc, we proudly donate up to 60% of all junk hauled away. We take pride in helping the community and environment as much as possible. We haul away all your unwanted items to donation centers including:

Electronics Disposal

We provide home residents with a safe and convenient way to recycle electronics. Truly making Electronic Disposal environmentally safe. At Junk Removal Inc, we are capable of recycling and disposing electronics including:

We easily rid your home of old electronics that are taking up valuable space.

Furniture Removal

Residential Junk Removal

our team is very good at moving heavy appliances

Do you have old or unwanted furniture you need to get rid of in your home? Junk Removal Inc has the best solution. We haul away almost any furniture you need to get rid of including:

Our furniture removal gets rid of all unwanted furniture. We will also donate to those in need or dispose of the furniture responsibly.

Hoarding Clean-Up Service

When it comes to our Hoarding Clean-Up Service, we provide compassionate, discreet services. We understand the burden that hoarding causes. Sadly, hoarding can cause people to become prisoners in their own homes. We understand that in many of these cases, it can be hard to determine what is of real value, sentimental or otherwise. That is what makes getting rid of things very difficult.

We are truly understanding and aware of this. This is why we will work with you to make sure all the truly unnecessary junk is removed properly. If it makes it easier for you, we will help you find places your items can go where they will be of great help to others. This way, we respectfully and responsibly dispose of the rest.

Light Demolition Service

When you remodel your home, there will be a lot of debris. Junk Removal Inc handles all this debris and junk with Light Demolition Service.

Shed & Fence Removal

Do you have an old fence or unwanted shed? Junk Removal Inc is happy to rid your home of it. We include the debris removal in the cost of the demolition service!

Yard Debris Cleanup

Is your yard starting to look more like a junkyard? Then you need Junk Removal Inc. We will remove anything from your yard including:

This way, you get to enjoy the space of your yard again without the clutter of junk.

Junk Removal Inc is a family-owned-and-operated junk removal company. We proudly serve MetroWest Boston, MA, Palm Beach County, FL, and the surrounding areas. When you need unwanted junk removed from your home, business, or storage space, we got you covered!


For Safe & Efficient Residential Junk Removal Services, trust the professionals at Junk Removal Inc.

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