Residential Moving Services

The Best Residential Moving Services

Charitable Donation

We have connections with many charitable organizations which means we can bring our customers’ unwanted treasures to donation centers such as Savers, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity, to name a few.

We will drop off any donated items to the desired location and deliver the receipts back to you, our customers for your tax returns.


Do you need your entire home cleared out and need help sorting and deciding? Our expert packers are
here! Our team of professionals will move the items you are keeping to your new home, donate everything possible, and do a Junk
removal for all items leftover. We help you pack and sort everything into its desired category.

Furniture Delivery and Pick-Up

Have you been handed down a family heirloom and need to get it from their house to yours?
Found someone to take your old sectional?
Did you score a great deal on some furniture at a warehouse that doesn’t deliver?
Child going off to college and taking half the contents of the house with them?
No problem! We will pick up your items, make sure they are protected and deliver them to wherever their new home may be.

Assisted Living Moving
Downsizing can be difficult but at Lifetime Moving we make it easier — as a family owned business we are happy to take on these kinds of jobs and we make sure your belongings arrive with the least amount of strife.
We will help you sort, pack and prioritize your belongings and if necessary, bring unwanted items to a charitable organization or dispose of them ecologically.
We would be honored to help you make this transition and will do what we can to make it a pleasurable experience.

Furniture Rearranging

What to shift furniture around? We can help!
We can move furniture from one room to the next OR in the same room OR even move it to a basement, attic or storage unit or pod.
Whether you’ve decided to move the man cave downstairs, are laying new carpet or flooring or undertaking home renovations, don’t strain your back. Whatever your need we can move your furniture and belongings with care.

Loading & Unloading Services

Your rental truck is rented, now what? We can provide professional packing services to utilize every inch of your truck & ensure your items are packed correctly for your move.

Moving into our area? Truck or POD — we can help you unload — into a new home or a storage space; whatever you need we are the team to call. We will even assemble that furniture, so you can relax and let us work for you.

Packing Services

We can pack as little or as much as you require to prepare for your move. We will help you organize your possessions and help determine how each item should be handled during the move. And if needed, we will dispose of the belongings you no longer need or want.
We label every box to ensure the move to your new residence is as smooth as possible.

Moving Supply List

Packing Up A Pod

Using a POD to store items for a remodel OR moving items from one location to the next? Let us help you maximize your pod space by professionally packing your items. And if moving the POD — ensuring they won’t shift around and damage during transport.

Previous Residence Cleanout

Moving out of a house or apartment? Remove any added stress of going back to clean once your belongings are out — we’ll stay and clean the house or apartment.
We take care of every step to provide you with peace of mind during the moving process and will responsibly dispose of anything you’ve decided to leave behind, leaving everything “broom clean” so you can get your maximum asking price or security deposit back.

Unpacking Services

Great… here you are in the new home…now what? Need help unpacking your kitchen? Our Residential Moving Services have you covered. Want to move that couch down from the second floor to the first; no problem. We can help you set up your new home from unpacking all the boxes to just placing them in their respective rooms. Just let us know how we can make your move effortless and we are here to help!