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Rearranging? Updating? Renewing?

Whether it is a new piece of furniture; a new look or refinishing your floors — Junk Removal Inc can help you move your furniture in a fast, efficient, friendly manner . Whatever the reason…fill out a Request, to the right and we are on the...


Old Appliance Pick Up – Fast and Easy!

Need Old Appliance Pick Up? Are you like so many people and are putting off arranging old appliance pick up services because you just aren’t sure who to call?  Old appliances can sit in your basement for years with no value at all. The whole hassle of appliance removal can...


Furniture Movers | Moving Labor

Local Furniture Movers Need help moving furniture? You’re not alone.  This is one of the more common types of jobs that we do. A customer will call and ask to borrow our furniture movers for however long they are needed. This is the best way to move heavy or delicate furniture...


Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning ✔️ Still tacking your spring cleaning? We understand that it can take a while especially after a long winter with many belongings piling up in different areas of your home. To help make sure you tackle every inch of your home during your spring cleaning, we have formulated...


Demolition Removal

Shed Removal Pros We love all junk removals, however there’s a special place in our heart for shed demolition removal jobs. There are few things more satisfying than dismantling and hauling a big structure. We specialize in shed removal, hot tub removal, playground removal, and so on. And here’s the...


7 Quick Spring Cleaning Tips

mom and daughter spring cleaning

With the spring weather finally starting to be more constant as the month progresses, it is the perfect time to schedule your spring cleaning days. Entering spring is like a breath of fresh air as we leave the fall and winter weather and vibes behind and open our arms to...


Quick Tips For Local Moving

NThe moving process is already stressful as is with planning, packing, loading, and unloading. This overwhelmingness is heightened even when it’s just a local move. It is important to properly pack the moving truck because items can be damaged through transport. Here is a quick list of tips for local moving...


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